Qdos StayPut Corner Protectors

Brand: Qdos

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Many other corner protectors can easily be pulled off by small children creating new hazards. Our SecureHold adhesive offers a high-performance and durable bond specifically designed to secure the Corner Protectors to your table or furniture.  Soft is not always safe. In order to get a strong and secure installation, the adhesive must adhere to a solid material. Our solid inner core has a shock-absorbing over-mold for impact protection, providing optimal protection for your child.  Why only protect the child from the top of a table? Qdos understands many corners create hazards from both above and below.

Many table corners require protection - use one on the top and another on the bottom for complete protection.  By following the removal instructions, Qdos SecureHold Adhesive can be removed without damaging most surfaces.

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