Qdos Adhesive Fridge/Freezer Lock

Brand: Qdos

In stock

Our Fridge/Freezer Lock secures double doors and drawers, yet removes quickly and easily with one hand. Secures refrigerator and freezer double doors and drawers without creating a pinch hazard, denying children access.  Offers a high-performance and durable bond specifically designed to secure the Fridge/Freezer Lock to the frame of a refrigerator or freezer.  By following the removal instructions, Qdos SecureHold Adhesive can be removed without damaging the surface.  The Fridge/Freezer Lock is adjustable in depth to accommodate doors and drawers up to a thickness of 5.5” (14 cm).

Baby Proofing doesn't have to be ugly!™ – designed to compliment your kitchen appliances. Available in chrome or white. 

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