Rumina Rumina Milky Way 4oz. Rumina Rumina Milky Way 4oz.
Rumina Rumina Milky Way 4oz. Rumina Rumina Milky Way 4oz.

Rumina Milky Way 4oz.

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A unique herbal blend of traditional herbs used to promote the production of breast milk.

The Milky Way blend of herbs is unlike any other lactation formula available. We use a therapeutic dose of Torbangun, Moringa and Blessed Thistle to create a powerhouse tincture. Torgangun has been used for hundreds of years to support lactation in the Bataknese culture in Indonesia. More recently, modern research has helped to provide further evidence that this traditional herb can increase breast milk supply in lactating women.

This tincture can be used alone or in combination with any of our other tinctures. A tincture is the most effective delivery of herbs to ensure maximum absorption. We don’t add any fillers, flavours or sweeteners so even though it may not taste the best you know you’re only getting what you need! You’ve got this, Mama!

 A proprietary blend of potent traditional herbs to safely boost breast milk production. 

  • Nutrient dense, traditional tincture to increase production of breast milk.

  • Completely safe for nursing moms.

  • Features fully therapeutic doses of Torbangun, Moringa and Blessed Thistle.

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