Clek Foonf - Tailored C-Zero Plus

Brand: Clek

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Premium C-Zero Plus

Offers a smooth feel like a freshly tailored suit, bringing a sophisticated look to your back seat.

The mother of all car seats

Built like a tank. Made with patented energy-absorbing crumple technology. The Foonf convertible car seat provides the utmost protection for your child. It’s easy to install, with a forward-facing rigid-UAS installation that’s so secure, you’d swear the seat becomes one with your vehicle. It’s one of the best-rated convertible car seats available, and has the durability to be passed from one child to another. (And another. And another.)

Extended Rear-Facing

Designed to international best practice allowing for most kids to remain rear-facing until their fourth birthday.

Rear-Facing Mode
Height: 25–43 in.
Weight: 14–40 lb
Minimum Age: Able to sit upright alone
When using with the infant-thingy (sold separately), the foonf can accommodate a child that is 5 lbs and 19in.
Seating Depth: 12.5 in.
Seating Height: 21.5–26 in.
Fore-Aft Measurement In Rear-Facing: 33 in.
Height Measurement In Rear-Facing: 25.5-28.5 in.
Seat Weight In Rear-Facing: 38 lb
Forward-Facing Mode
Height: 30–49 in.
Weight: 22–65 lb
Minimum Age: 2+ years recommended (1 year minimum)
Base Width: 13 in.
Seating Width: 16.9 in.
Harness Slot Height: 8–17 in.
Height Measurement In Forward-Facing: 28-32.5 in.
Seat Weight In Forward-Facing: 33 lb

Anti-Rebound Bar

Prevents rebounding when rear-facing in a frontal collision and rotation in a side-impact collision; while also improving installation by nesting firmly and evenly into the flat part of the vehicle seat

Built Like a Tank

Engineered with a steel and magnesium sub-structure.

Advanced Side-Impact Protection System

Protects the child with its adjustable headrest, deep side wings, and dual layers of energy absorbing EPP foam for maximum side-impact protection.

Effortless Installation

Rigid-LATCH (UAS) allows for an effortless forward-facing installation that can be done correctly (in seconds) that is so easy and so secure, you'd swear its part of your vehicle.

In the Box
  • Foonf convertible child seat with warning labels attached
  • Anti-rebound bar
  • Rear-facing base
  • Owner's manual
Safety Standards

Foonf conforms to all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and are certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft. Foonf has a 9 year expiration.

Package Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions: 30.5 in. x 18.5 in. x 17 in.
Weight: 46.6 lb

Limited Lifetime Warranty (available only on Clek child seats and booster seats purchased on or after January 1, 2024 AND manufactured on Jan 1, 2023 or later)

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