Baby Bjorn One Outdoors Black

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The innovative baby carrier One Outdoors has been designed for a hiking trip with your child or a family outing into the countryside. The outer material of this baby carrier is water-resistant, dirt-repellent and breathable. The fabric is quick-drying and can be wiped clean if required. This way, even a little shower is not a problem. To ensure that your little one feels comfortable the baby carrier is made of extra-soft mesh material on the inside. Another thin mesh layer between you and your child supplies you both with optimum air circulation and maximum comfort.

The baby carrier One Outdoors features a storage bag and loops so that it meets the needs of hikers too. The detachable bag on the waist belt stores your mobile phone, keys or your little one’s soother so that you can keep it easy to reach at all times. The practical loops on the shoulder straps are perfect for holding a water bottle or your child’s cuddly cloth.

Baby Björn’s baby carrier One Outdoors enables you to carry your child in various ways on the front or on your back.

During the first five months your child feels safest when carried in an inward facing mode. You can choose between two leg positions which are both particularly hip friendly. Your little one’s hips are provided with the correct position when your child sits in the carrier with his or her legs wide apart angulated outwards. The headrest that can be adjusted individually, supplies your little one’s head and neck with maximum support.

Once your child has reached six months of age you can carry him on the front facing outwards and discovering the world. On his back he will feel mom’s or dad’s protection while on the front a completely new view into the exciting world opens. This way, every stroll or trip will be a most entertaining experience.

At the age of 12 months a back carrying position is recommended. You can position your child easily and safely without somebody else’s help. The unique function that allows you to change the carrying position of your child from front to back while your little one is sitting in the carrier makes the Baby Björn baby carrier One Outdoors one of a kind.

Highest comfort as well as optimum carrying features for young and old are of top priority. Being developed in close collaboration with the International Hip Dysplasia Institute Baby Björn’s baby carrier One Outdoors ensures a correct sitting position of your child. The resilient waist belt distributes your child’s weight evenly onto your hips. Padded shoulder straps relieve the pressure on both shoulders and back. The baby carrier can be adjusted easily and in a user-friendly way, even when you and your partner carry it in turns.

Feel the ultimate closeness to your child and experience unforgettable harmonious moments. Baby Björn’s baby carrier One Outdoors helps you ease your everyday life. Sitting in the carrier and being together with mom and dad will make your little one feel well-protected and safe.

A super practical feature of this baby carrier is that is can be rolled up to a compact size so that can be stored in any changing bag or pram.


  • Perfect for hiking with a small child
  • 4 carrying positions on the front and on the back
  • Suitable for children from birth and up to 3 years of age
  • Minimum weight capacity: 3,5 kg, minimum size: 53 cm
  • Maximum weight capacity: 15 kg, maximum size: 100 cm
  • Including headrest
  • Zip system for adjusting width of crotch and seat height
  • Material/ fabric: water-resistant, breathable mesh material
  • Machine washable at 40°C, quick-drying
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